Acne is a problem of the skin, which can occur at any age. It most commonly occurs in young people during puberty, however it can also occur in adulthood. Acne can be triggered by hormonal disorders, chemical influences, allergic components etc.

In puberty, skin blemishes are common and sometimes require no further interaction, often using disinfecting and acid-buffered wash-lotion as a sufficient treatment.  However, if it is more noticeable, a treatment may include keratolytic (removal of upper layer dead cells) and/or antibiotic treatment. and hormonal imbalances should also be ruled out by analyzing hormones in the blood.

Treatment options vary and range from nutritional recommendations, cosmetic products and medicines, to the contraceptive pill, which often causes a marked relief of acne with its hormonal stabilization. The problem of acne can be addressed in cooperation with a dermatologist and the symptoms can be largely suppressed or even completely eliminated.

Trust in the competence of an experienced hormon- specialist.