intimate surgery

Quite a few women have been affected by anatomical conditions of their genital area, creating a negative effect on their sex life, or simply performing everyday chores, from walking, swimming or running.  A simple surgical procedure can correct these conditions, usually carried out under local anesthesia and as an out-patient; with a return to daily activities after only one or two days.

More often, women want a fuller, straighter vulva area. This can be achieved quite simply by injecting fat that was previously carefully removed from the patient’s fattier body location. This can be carried out as an outpatient procedure under local anesthesia.

On the other hand, a vulva that is too voluminous can be lessened by liposuction.

Sexual performance of both partners depends on numerous psychological and physical factors. Instabilities usually include mood swings, life phases or one of the partners sexual inhibitions, private conflicts and occupational stress. also play a major role. Mental or hormonal disorders, as well as physical disorders, can also be a problem. For example, sexual sensitivity may subside after a difficult birth, when the vaginal tissue and the pelvic floor have been overstrained. This issue was until recently a taboo subject, resulting in any women accepting that they would no longer experience sexual fulfillment.

Sexual pleasure experienced by women – along with other erogenous parts of the body – is mostly in the area of the clitoris, whereas the “G-spot” (described by Ernst Gräfenberg in 1950) is regarded as the main location of erogenous sensation.  Today, in order to enhance the sensation in that area, the nerve plexus around the G-spot can be “padded” with the help of a completely new procedure. The “G Spot Injection” method was developed in the United States and is currently causing a great deal of enthusiasm amongst patients in America and throughout Europe. The anterior vaginal wall in the area behind the pubis is “padded” with hyaluronic acid. An injection between 3 to 8 milliliters is sufficient. The surface of the vagina – and the G-spot located there – subsequently adding volume. As a result, some women experience a stronger stimulation in the area.

Sometimes, especially when bladder or bowel problems have occurred, a vaginal narrowing operation can be carried out (with a clear medical indication) and thus enhance one’s well-being and sexual sensation.

A really “intimate” topic that you can discuss with us on the basis of the highest level of discretion, expertise and competence without any reservations- we will give you honest and straight-forward answers.