anti-ageing measures

In the press, radio and television, the term “anti-aging medicine” is a well-used buzzword, which is simultaneously used by all sorts of dubious, but also more serious voices, i.e. the pharmaceutical industry, doctors, pharmacies, paramedical associations, etc.

Scientifically meaningful, anti-ageing medicine should:

  • Recognize, and whenever possible, prevent damaging effects on the body, which are associated with premature cell ageing (thus cessation of metabolic processes) and ultimately a loss of activity, resilience and vitality
  • Stop metabolic fatigue in order to maintain a person’s vitality into old age.

Statistically, our generation is the first to reach an average old age of 73 to 78.  At the turn of the 20th century, average life expectancy of a newborn was about 60 years and in the 17th century it was only about 42 years. At that time, large epidemics such as the plague and smallpox, wars and malnutrition usually meant that most people did not reach an age at which the aging process began to play a significant role.

However, life involves the continuous ageing process from the first day of every single cell. Therefore, every cell in the body – depending on which organ it belongs to – is pre-programmed for a certain number of cycles, during which it can be regenerated. To preserve the biochemical activity of the cell, especially the number of divisions possible, there are several external factors which have a negative impact on the aging process and should be therefore, avoided.

Hyper-caloric nutrition, nicotine and alcohol consumption, stress, inadequate oxygenation, lack of exercise, etc. play a critical role.
Contrariwise, there are other mechanisms which have a protective and positive effect (adequate sleep, healthy exercise, proper diet, avoiding nicotine and alcohol, adequate supply of nutrients, supply of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and possibly hormones).

Today, however, we can look at living conditions, diet, the hormonal situation (depending on age) in order to create a personalized approach to slowing down the aforementioned ageing processes, all of which ultimately allow the body to retain its quality of life, dynamism and zest into old age.

We would be happy to advise you specifically on this complex subject and arrange the necessary examinations.

We will advise you specifically on these topics, and arrange the necessary examinations and analysis.