The function of the ovaries starts to decline once the 45th year of age is reached. Ovulation becomes irregular or no longer occurs, resulting in the production of estrogen and progesterone slowly decreasing. This biochemical development is accompanied by noticeable changes for the patient: the skin and mucous membranes lose their elasticity and can become dry or even irritated; one may experience sudden heat or shivers; mood shifts may be experienced with depression; libido may subside; sleep disorders or adynamia may also occur.

We want to help you to deal with these natural changes of your body and where there are any problems, to cushion or eliminate them so you can enjoy and have a good quality of life.

Adapted to personal needs, constellation of risk, patient’s expectations and attitude, along with breathing exercises or relaxation techniques and physical activities, can all help alongside treatment with medication. Together, we will select the best medication for you from a wide range of plant-based active ingredients (homeopathic or Phyto therapeutic preparations) as well as classic hormonal preparations.
So-called “phytohormones”, i.e. substances with hormone-like effects (e.g. isoflavones) or estrogens and progestogens – taken for a limited period of time at low doses – can significantly increase and restore a patient’s well-being. We will happily advise you in more detail in a personal consultation.
Blood hormone analysis can help to find optimal levels and minimize any risks.

We want you to feel good at every stage of your life !