weight problems

Both genders often struggle with being overweight or – in exceptional cases –abnormally underweight. Numerous factors play a role as the cause of weight problems, whereby malnutrition and lack of exercise are considered primary reasons and metabolic disorders or hormonal imbalances as secondary.

Malnutrition is often triggered by psychological problems and its treatment should include targeted nutritional counselling, as well as enquiring the patient’s professional, private and partnership situation.

Both over- and under-nutrition can cause long-term significant medical hazards that effect the entire body, the cardiovascular system, bone structure and soft tissue. Weight control should never be solely by medication, but always together with nutritional advice and a lifestyle change.

Even when you feel unhappy about the situation, there are many diverse starting points and possibilities of influence – we are here to understand your needs and provide you with a higly competent and objective advice. Contact us.