Nature-Identical Hormones

As a medical practice specialising in hormone diagnostics and therapy, we offer not only the classic hormone substitution therapies for menopause, but also individually tailored supplements with nature-identical hormones.

For this purpose, we will have specially tailored mixtures made for you – or use the ready-to-use capsules already known and proven according to the Rimkus method. This is a hormonal supplement frequently requested by patients, which is often better tolerated and milder in cases of menopausal symptoms occurring after the reduction of ovarian function.
These nature-identical hormones are not automatically better or less risky than the preparations sold in the pharmaceutical industry, but they are sometimes more sensitive and can be dosed more individually, are better tolerated and have fewer side effects.

If you are interested in this therapeutic approach, please contact us and we will provide you with an individual, professional and detailed advice.