Online Consultation for gynecological/contraceptive/fertility/hormonal procedures and diagnostics

Can`t get away from work or family schedule? Don`t feel comfortable during the flu season to use public transportation? Living a bit out of the way? 

Yet, you would like to know more about certain gynecological procedures, contraceptive therapies, fertility possibilities or hormonal treatments?

To accommodate your busy schedule, we are here to help.  We now offer online consultation related to esthetic therapies, treatments and surgery, anti-aging procedures and diagnostics, as well as hormonal diagnostics and therapies.

All you need is SKYPE or ZOOM for an online audio-video communication conference with the doctor.  Before we set up an online meeting, you need to first set up a medical account with our office and afterwards we can set up an appointment. 

To inquire more information on how our online consultation works, please call our office at:
+44 261 10 10 or send us an e-mail at: We look forward to hearing from you.